2020 Work Teams and Work Schedules
Please get with your director during your work event to sign off that you are working. This is YOUR responsibility as a member. The director will not come to you. Failure to do so will forfeit your points for the night. 

Work teams are subject to change. Several changes at beginning of the year are to be expected as new members join. If changes are made you will be notified.

Speed Event teams work one event per night (poles, texas, cloverleaf) every Saturday night. Please see the schedule below for your work event. 
This information along with the work teams will posted at the concession stand.
Speed Event Work Teams
All members age 12 and older are required to work in order to receive their points to be eligible for quartley and year end awards. You will go by your age as of January 1st of the current year. Parents or guardians of the age 11 and under members will be required to work for them. However, we do encourage the younger members to work with or under the supervision of their parent or guardian. All persons listed under one membership will be on the same work team. 

2020 SRRC Work Teams

2020 Work Teams Coming Soon